Are hardcover books like textbooks and encyclopedias recyclable?

Hardcover books are included in some curbside recycling programs in BC, provided that the spine and cover are removed from the pages inside.  Once the inside pages are cut or ripped out, they can be placed in your recycling along with other mixed paper.  The covers of the hard cover books can be discarded as garbage. If your recycling is collected as part of MMBC’s residential packaging and printed paper recycling program, books are not accepted curbside, as they are specifically excluded in the Recycling Regulation.

Another option for recycling hard cover books is through an organization called Discover Books.  This charity reuses books whenever possible, and will recycle any books that are too old or outdated to be reused.  The money raised from recycling this paper goes to fund local literacy programs for children.  Convenient 24 hour drop off bins for Discover Books are located in select communities throughout the province.  For a list of bin locations, please visit the Discover Books website. 

For further information on these options, call the RCBC Recycling Hotline.

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