Welcome to the Recycling Council of British Columbia!

The Recycling Council of British Columbia is a multi-sectoral, non-profit, membership driven organization that facilitates the exchange of ideas and knowledge that enable efficient solutions to eliminate waste. Established in 1974, we are Canada’s longest-serving recycling council. We have led B.C.’s progressive policy of Extended Producer Responsibility programs and other initiatives to find innovative ways to eliminate waste and decrease British Columbia's environmental footprint.

2018 RCBC Zero Waste Conference

Thank you to all the delegates, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for making RCBC's 44th annual Zero Waste Conference at Whistler a rousing success! If you attended the event, surveys will be sent out for your review:

Thank you for taking the time to fill them out. As always, we'll be incorporating your valuable feedback to make next year's conference even better!

Speaker Presentations

Speaker presentations in PDF and Powerpoint forms are now available for download at the RCBC Conference website at www.rcbcconference.ca - simply click on program details and the day to access the documents.