Compostable Plastics Workshop: Facts, Myths, and Unknowns

Compostable Plastics Workshop 2019

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The future of plastics is changing; there is a desire to keep the advantages that plastics present, without contributing to the world’s plastic waste problem. The shift is to plastics that are sourced from plants and not petroleum, and that can be broken down safely at their end-of-life. This panel and workshop session, supported by Metro Vancouver, is for all who wish to have a better understanding about compostable packaging.

Interested stakeholders include, but are not limited to:

  • Compost, solid waste and recycling stakeholders
  • Local, regional and provincial government representatives
  • Compost processors and haulers
  • Bioplastic producers, brand owners, manufacturers, distributors and/or retailers
  • Users – food services industry, film industry, farmers, schools/colleges, hospitals, food courts etc. 

Speakers (Subject to Change):

Dr. Love-Ese Chile, Grey to Green Sustainable Solutions

Dr. Love-Ese Chile is a researcher and consultant at her company Grey to Green Sustainable Solutions. Love-Ese has more than seven years of experience researching both the creation and degradation of bio-derived and biodegradable plastics. Through her company, Grey to Green Sustainable Solutions, Love-Ese works with industry, government and community leaders to better understand the role of "bioplastics" within the circular bioeconomy and helps to guide the development of new technologies to support the implementation of these sustainable alternatives. Love-Ese enjoys engaging with her community and fosters a relationship between science and the public by presenting lectures and workshops on a variety of topics, from plastic to green technology.

Dieter Geesing, BC Ministry of Agriculture

Tamara Burns, Recycle BC

Sadaf Shafiei Sabet, Good Natured Products

Suzanna Carson, National Zero Waste Council 

Susanna is the founder and CEO of BSIbio Packaging Solutions and the company’s house brand BÉSICS®. Susanna holds a BSc. in Biology, an MSc. in Zoology (Biodiversity) and more than 22 years of education and work experience in environmental issues and business development. One of her more personally satisfying roles is educating female entrepreneurs on sustainability in business through the Go for the Greens executive conference in Orlando, where she previously served as Sustainability Chair (2013-2018). Other aspects of her experience and industry contributions include; Founding Member, Women for Nature, supporting environmental conservation and education programs; Co-Chair of the Product and Packaging Working Group of the National Zero Waste Council (2014 to 2019); and as a Topic Expert for the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (2015).

Mateo Ocejo, Net Zero Waste 
Emily McGill, Consultant

Workshop Facilitated by the Science and Policy Integration Network (SPIN):

Science and Policy Integration Network

"The Science & Policy Integration Network is a networking hub that engages diverse stakeholders in conversations about policy issues affecting BC. Our aim is to create and strengthen community around these issues. We take a proactive approach to transferring knowledge, supporting mutual understanding and transparency. Our goal is to continuously move towards common ground and co-creation of solutions for today’s pressing issues."