Waste Reduction Week in Canada - October 17-23, 2022

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In 2022, Waste Reduction Week is being expanded and extended into Canada's very first Circular Economy Month October 1-31, 2022! 

What is Waste Reduction Week?

Since 2001, National Waste Reduction in Canada has been organized by a coalition of non-government and not-for-profit environmental groups from each of the 13 participating provincial and territorial jurisdictions across the country. Every year, we challenge businesses, organizations, and individuals to reduce their ecological footprint and to come up with unique and creative ways to reduce waste. 

What can You Do?

  • PROCLAIM. Profile your dedication to waste reduction to your community. Check back to see which municipalities have officially proclaimed their commitment towards Waste Reduction Week.
  • PLEDGE. Learn about food waste and take action by taking the Food Waste Pledge! If you are an elementary school or classroom taking the Pledge, take the Pledge for Kids.
  • PROMOTE. Register your waste reduction event or activity so that people across Canada can find and attend it! 

Use the hashtag #WasteReductionWeek to spread your waste reduction ideas and activities on social media channels! Check back here often and follow RCBC's Twitter page (@RecyclingBC) for the latest tips, news, and happenings throughout Waste Reduction Week!

#WasteReductionWeek Theme Days

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Check out the following resources on recycling, EPR programs, circular economy and more!

Waste Reduction Week Spotlights

Stay tuned for features during Waste Reduction Week on companies and organizations that are working to reduce waste and create a more sustainable future! 

WRW 2021 Textile Spotlight

Textile waste has global social and environmental impact. Learn about the issue and what you can do to minimize it here! (View I Download)

WRW 2021 Spotlight E-waste

Our world is generating an ever-increasing amount of electronic waste. Learn about the issue and what we can all do to tackle it! (View I Download)

WRW 2021 Plastics Spotlight

The plastics crisis is a planetary one. Learn more about the issue and what governments, businesses, recyclers, and individuals can do to address it. (View I Download)

WRW 2021 Food Waste

Avoidable food waste is something we can all do something about. Learn more about the issue and how each of us can make a difference! (View I Download)


Learn more about the recycling, composting, and the circular economy through the following infographics!

BC Recycling History Banner

BC has come a long way when it comes to recycling! Check out the major waste reduction milestones in the province's history. (View I Download)

BC EPR Programs

Check out this guide for facts on many of BC's stewardship programs! (View I Download)

Why a Circular Economy Banner

What is the Circular Economy? Learn how it represents a different approach to the "take-make-toss" model of doing things! (View I Download)

Composting Just the Facts

Composting properly helps fight climate change, save on precious landfill capacity, and replenishes soil fertility. Learn the various types of composting along with tips in this infographic. (View I Download)

18 Banned Green Bin Items

Not sure if something should go in your green bin? Check out this infographic to learn what items to exclude to ensure finished compost comes out great! (View I Download)


Looking for more ideas? Click here for posters, programs, and resources from past Waste Reduction Week campaigns!