Ease My Load

Waste Reduction Week Ease My Load Campaign

atlasHi! My name is Atlas. Since the beginning of time I have been holding planet Earth up in the heavens. For the first 4.5 billion years, it was a breeze. In the past century, however, the weight of my load has been steadily increasing and it’s getting harder and harder to carry the Earth. According to the latest figures, Canadians are creating 1031 kg of waste per person each year. Over 75% of this waste is just piling up in landfills all over the country. If every Canadian took just one significant action to reduce their waste, my heavy load would be greatly eased.

Please, I need your help! I know you want to do the right thing by reducing the amount of waste you produce. Let’s show the rest of the world that Canadians care about the Earth. Cut out my picture and include me in a photo of your waste reduction activity. If you’re not camera-shy, join me in the photo. Give your photo a descriptive title and send it to the folks at Waste Reduction Week in Canada (WRW) to show your support for the EASE MY LOAD campaign. Your waste reduction activity photo will be posted online. Some examples of waste reduction activities being undertaken by Canadians are shown below:

In addition, WRW will be tracking the amount of waste that is being diverted through the activities showcased in the submitted photos on their online “No Waste Meter”.

Count yourself in and help EASE MY LOAD!

Atlas has been helping out around the RCBC Offices...

Helping municipalities proclaiming Waste Reduction Week

cell phone recycling

Helping with the office composting