Waste Reduction Week Photos

Here's how Atlas has been helping us out around the RCBC offices!


Did you know that compostable organics can make up 40% of your household waste?  We have a worm bin set up in our office to compost our lunch scraps. They're great for classrooms or small offices, but you can also get backyard composters for your home, or electric composters for larger offices.



Paper Recycling

This is just one of the many paper recycling bins set up around the office.  Did you notice the tiny black garbage container on the side?  By making sure recycling bins are easily accessible and limiting garbage containers, you create a visual reminder of your commitment to recycling and the environment.

Did you know that one pound of newspaper can be recycled to make six cereal boxes, six egg cartons or 2,000 sheets of writing paper? Each paper fiber can be recycled up to four times.

paper recycling


Recycle My Cell Challenge

Between October 18, and November 30, 2010 we are challenging Canadians to recycle as many old wireless devices and accessories as possible.  Check out the contest details at www.rcbc.bc.ca/events/waste-reduction-week/recyclemycell.

Did you know that the average consumer keeps their cell phone for only 2 years, and only 12% of used mobile devices in Canada are currently being recycled! Help ease Atlas's load and take your phones into one of over 400 retail drop off locations in BC.

Cell phone recycling


Municipal Proclamations

There's a whole wall in the RCBC office covered with proclamations from cities around the province. These communites have declared their commitment to promoting and participating in Waste Reduction Week. Why not ask your Municipality to declare Waste Reduction Week too?