Waste Reduction Week for Schools

2017 WRW Program for Schools

School is the perfect place to practice waste reduction! Students who learn about waste in their classrooms or run their own composting or recycling programs will be able to teach their families about how to minimize waste. Here are the ways you can participate as a class or a school:

  • Register your school for Waste Reduction Week! Your school's waste reduction efforts will be listed on the national website with others from across the country to show that you are making an effort to minimize waste in Canada.
  • Download the WRW school resource kit. This resource will help your school plan Waste Reduction Week activities, conduct a waste assessment, and implement a waste reduction action plan.
  • Sign up for the national Waste-free Lunch Challenge. Your school could be eligible to win $250 to support environmental initiatives. One prize will be awarded per province/territory to the school who shows us their best effort to go waste free at lunch! 

For more resources, please visit our main Waste Reduction Week page or email us at wrw(at)rcbc.ca for more details. 

We’d also like to hear about your ideas and initiatives! If you have any special events planned in your community, let us know! RCBC would be happy to publicize these events to our members. For further information on Waste Reduction Week in Canada and a complete list of past events and activities, please visit the national website at www.wrwcanada.com.

Attention Grade 5 classes!

RCBC would like to invite you to take the Road to Zero Waste!  This interactive kit is designed as a resource for teachers who wish to incorporate environmental education into their class curriculum. The program includes various activities that teach basic conservation and waste reduction, designed to meet the Prescribed Learning Outcomes for grade 5 students.

If you would like more information, please email us at education(at)rcbc.ca.

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