Why can’t I put grass and leaves in my city garbage?

Some cities have banned "clean and green" materials from the garbage. Composting organic yard trimmings conserves limited landfill space and produces a valuable resource! This material belongs in your backyard composter or municipal composting facilities, not the garbage. Please contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline to find out about your municipality's composting program.

Even better, consider the many benefits of grasscycling and leaf mulching! Grasscycling involves distributing grass clippings as mulch to break down on your lawn. Leaf mulching is the addition of leaves to garden beds which helps protect bare soil from erosion and buffers soil temperatures, protecting plant roots. Mulching adds nutrients and organic matter to your soil increasing water retention and soil fertility. Also, grasscycling and leaf mulching can inhibit weed germination and growth. These practices can reduce the need for fertilizers and topdressing and will save you time and money! Read more about grasscycling.