I live in an apartment. Is it possible to compost at home?

Absolutely! Bokashi and worm composting are growing in popularity among apartment dwellers. Often these types of composting are done on balconies but with the appropriate materials it is possible to do indoors as well. For more information please check out our RCBC Factsheets on backyard, balcony and even indoor composting!

The major issue you may have with composting your food scraps is what to do with the resulting compost. This is a problem many gardeners and landscapers wish they had! For worm composting you can mix the resulting compost with potting soil and use it for houseplants and patio containers. You can also use it as a plant feed by spreading it on the top layer of soil for potted plants. For more details on harvesting worm compost, check out City Farmer News.

With Bokashi composting you will not have finished compost but, rather, a fermented pre-compost that needs to be buried in soil or added to a compost pile for further decomposition. Adding pre-compost to a large planter with soil is one option. Also if you know someone with a garden plot or a community garden, the pre-compost may be welcomed as an additional soil fertility booster! It also makes a great addition to compost piles. More information on handling your fermented pre-compost is available on the Compost Gardener website.

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