How can I make sure my old electronics don’t get shipped to recycling facilities overseas?

Electronics collected at Return-It depots through the provincial recycling program are not sent overseas for recycling. Processors must meet a strict set of qualification standards to ensure materials are processed in an environmentally sound manner. Currently, three main domestic processors are contracted to handle e-waste dropped off at Return-It depots.  For more information on these companies, visit the Return-It website.

Many private recyclers also accept electronic waste for recycling. Some, not all, independent companies may ship e-waste overseas to maximize profits. Overseas recycling operations often have lower environmental and employment standards. If you opt to use a private recycler, ensure you ask about the final destination of your products.

Need to recycle your old electronics? Find your local drop off depot by calling the RCBC Recycling Hotline or visiting the RCBC Recyclepedia or Return-It website. 

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