I noticed that there are changes to what is accepted in my recycling collection. Who is implementing these changes and what does it mean for me?

The BC Recycling Regulation, amended in 2011, requires businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to assume responsibility for the cost of collecting, sorting, and recycling these materials. 

This new program is managed by an organization called Recycle BC. Recycle BC is a not for profit stewardship organization that uses member fees to finance residential recycling programs for printed paper and packaging, either directly or by working with local governments, Indigenous groups, private companies and non-profit organizations.

Many communities now have curbside recycling collection for the first time, meaning that more materials will be diverted from the landfill. If your community already has curbside recycling pick-up, you may see some changes. In many areas, local governments will continue to provide collection services, but the list of materials accepted will be expanded. In other areas, Recycle BC will assume responsibility for collecting residential packaging and printed paper for recycling.

For more information on the types of products that were added to many curbside collection programs, or to find out what these changes mean for you, visit the Recycle BC website. Alternatively, you can find more information by contacting the RCBC Recycling Hotline.

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