I am a residential building manager or resident in a multi-family dwelling and would like more information on the Landfill Organics Ban that began in Metro Vancouver in January 2015. Where can I get more information?

On January 1, 2015, Metro Vancouver placed an organics disposal ban on the Metro Vancouver area. Residents, businesses, and institutions from Langley to West Vancouver are required to separate food waste from the regular garbage in an effort to reduce the amount of materials going into BC landfills. No fines will be imposed on haulers until July 2015, at which time a stepped up surcharge system will begin. The Metro Vancouver website outlines the timeline for fine implementation.

Many single family homes have existing organics collection programs in place, funded by property taxes and performed through city services. Multi-family homes are part of a different tax structure, and are therefore often serviced by a private company for waste disposal, rather than by the city. In order to begin organics collection at your apartment building or strata, we would recommend contacting your existing garbage hauler. Many larger haulers in Metro Vancouver perform organics collection along with waste collection. Many haulers also provide collection bins, kitchen bins for residents, bin cleaning services, and educational brochures. The City of Vancouver website provides a list of haulers that service the Metro Vancouver area. They also have a handy list of questions and tips on what to consider when speaking with your hauler.

RCBC has created an online document for tips and resources for organic waste diversion. Included are links to the Metro Vancouver website, showing resources, case studies, frequently asked questions, and signs for your complex. This document is available here.

The Metro Vancouver organics ban includes all organic waste, including fruit and vegetable scraps, plate scrapings, dairy products, tea bags, coffee filters, animal meat, and bones. Many collection programs also include leaves, grass clippings, branches, as well as food soiled paper products. For a complete list of accepted materials, we would recommend contacting your hauler directly.

For more information on this program, contact Metro Vancouver or the RCBC Recycling Hotline.

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